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Maggie’s RoyalTea

Maggie's RoyalTea   hosted our Grand Opening on Saturday May 13, 2017 with seating at 12N and 2:30PM.  

Our regular hours are evolving into Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 11:30 am until the last seating at 3:30 pm. We have 20-25 seats with 5 tables and encourage reservations are Maggie's has reached a popularity we did not expect! Our 15 + choices of tea, set in china and crystal over a low heat at your table, offer the traditionals and many unique and flavorful herbal selections. 

Our sandwich trays are complete with traditional egg salad, curried chicken salad and Irish scones with clotted cream are always available. Chef Nabil also prepares very unique and very 'British' dishes such as pears with stilton cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, ladyfingers filled with goat cheese and fruit and more! We are able to meet ALL dietary needs such as lactose, gluten, nuts and even serve coffee, Turkish coffee and Brooklyn Egg Creams!

The story below is how Maggie's came to be!


Our RoyalTea Room is named after my Mom, Maggie McDade, a 'Scot" who loved COFFEE! So, why name a Tea Room after her? Well, Maggie and her sister, my Godmother, Aunt Betty were known to 'put up the kettle to "burl water' for anyone & everyone who arrived at our home in NJ. Maggie was a feisty "Brooklynite" who married my sweet Norwegian Dad, aka Tom-Eddie-Pete and they raised 5 of us in Central Jersey in a house filled with friends and family at all times. Dad was the 'Good Samaritan" who drove a truck along the NJTP every night and brought home stragglers, gave them hot tea, shared his dinner,set up a bed on the well used sofa and $5 in the morning as he dropped them back in the direction they were heading. Those were the days!  

It's not so far fetched that I have a Bed & Breakfast and now,  Maggie's RoyalTea!

We are still working on our menu and my husband Nabil, (former chef to Jackie Kennedy Onassis) is designing a unique selection of sandwiches and Irish scones. My friends, aka  "The Golden Girls", Peg, Elaine & Sharon, will be handling the 12-16 person tea salon. It is located in the multi-window Carriage House we built behind the inn which is fully wheelchair accessible. While we are opening with a limited schedule of Saturday & Sunday, and seasonal time frame, (May - November), we hope that we become popular as a location to enjoy a "spot of tea', a plate of  interesting finger sandwiches, fabulous Irish scones with clotted cream and preserves, and delectable sweets. Our 5 tables will be a great spot to bring your young daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends and/or family members where you can chat away in comfort with quiet central air and a sweet fireplace! 

Please stop in to visit us and keep an eye out for our upcoming menu! We will also offer Maggie's for small catering, intimate weddings, showers and 'Tea Parties'. Oh, Maggie's will also have great COFFEE...maybe even Turkish!