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May 24

Springing into Summer

So….it's the end of May and finally time to plant flowers in the beautiful Hudson Valley! Bard College Graduation is May 28 and we at The Red Hook Country Inn will bid a fond farewell to many friends who have stayed with us for the last four years as well as during their very first visit to Bard. We have forged friendships with families from California, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, New York and Florida, and we hope that this weekend will not be their last visit to The Red Hook Country Inn.

Over our last 12 years we have graduated 12 classes at Bard and are fortunate enough to have annual visits by many alumni! How wonderful it is to be in a business where we have the pleasure of living at home, wandering around in casual clothes and having frequent conversations with folks who found us on their college selection journey….and they haven't let us go!

Chuck Zepp, Karen Zepp, Kay Browning, and Chuck Browning stand together in 1920s zoot suits and flapper gear smiling.This weekend we celebrated a milestone gala at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome as the Spirit of St. Louis landed here among the beautiful collection of antique aircraft! Our guests pictured to the left (from left to right) Chuck Zepp, Karen Zepp, Kay Browning, and Chuck Browning attended the event and truly dressed the part in their ‘roaring 20’s spats and flapper dresses’ and returned after a fun filled evening of glamour, cameras, laughter and champagne! The ORA museum is open daily along with their newly rebuilt Gift Shop featuring lots of fun memorabilia and memorable trinkets.