Direct Reviews (sent to us, not on review sites!)

Although the many online trip advice sites are great, we receive letters all the time that do not end up on the review websites and we'd love you to take a minute to read some of them!

October 27, 2012

Hi Pat & Nabil,

Thank you so much for trhe wonderful company, conversation & food! Phil & I always have such a lovely visit with you & you're both such warm, friendly people. We really do feel like we're coming 'home' to visit family. How is it visiting during the holidays? It must really be nice & it would be feasible for us to come up if the snow would hold off until after the new year! Anyway, thanks again for a lovely dinner & we wish we could have spent more time with Nabil but we know he had to prepare dinner for his next guests..hopefully next time!

All the best,

Nancy & Phil

September 24, 2012

Hey Pat & Nabil,

We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much and hope all is well!

David & Shea


May 2012

Pat and Nabil, as always our stay with you over graduation was fabulous! You know how to 'throw a party' just by being the wonderful hosts that you always are! Our last four years with you were so wonderful and accommodating that we are sorry to have our son graduate! Although we live in Chicago, we love both the Hudson Valley and The Red Hook Country Inn and will be back in the fall (after we've had a year off from paying for college!). Please hold our favorite room #5 for us..the best bed ever!!!

Love, Petra and Andrew H.

March 2012

Marion J (California Gal!)

Pat, we loved being with you when we looked at Bard in spring of this year and we are so excited that Andria is coming back to do the IDP program in November! We fervently believe that 'all who stay with you get into Bard' and your warmth and hospitality far exceed what's been written about you! We look forward to our next dining experience at The Chef's Table and to 4 years of being a Bard Parent and a strong supporter of THE RED HOOK INN!.

November 2011

Melinda R, a Bard parent who stayed during the 11/2011 IDP... Pat, your fairy dust worked again! My son has just received his acceptance letter!! Please hold our space for the first weekend in August and thanks again for all of your moral support!We love your beautiful inn and especially the 'family suite'...and our hearty breakfast gave us just the start we needed for his 'anticipated stressful day' (which was not stressful at all, just plain exciting for him).

April 2010

Brian P, a parent staying at the inn (4/15/10) said that "our having a 'community breakfast' for the Bard families during their college tour is a valuable experience as we are meeting families from all over the country, sharing experiences about the many colleges they have or will see as they make their college decisions".

Dear Red Hook Inn Owners (who I can't remember the names of!)

 July 2009

This is Molly ****** from Maine. I brought our daughter Ruby to visit Bard last spring & we stayed with you. My dad brought her back for a second look in the fall and they stayed with you again. I remember that you said that everyone who stays at The Red Hook Inn and applies to Bard gets accepted. (of course, this is 'heresay' only!!!). Well, you were right! Rube got into Bard and though she chose a different school that suits her better I wanted you to know that your record still stands! Maybe we'll bring our other daughter to visit Bard in the fall. If so, we'll be sure to stay with you guys! Love, Molly.

Editor's note..Molly brought daughter # 2 and she's been accepted! (7/09)

November 2009

Hi Pat, Just wanted to let you know that the magic of your inn is still working- Sarah got into Bard after staying at your lovely inn before her IDP day last week. Thanks so much for helping to allay our anxiety! Your warmth and hospitality really helped change the tone of the experience for us. Joan (and Sarah). Editor's note..Sarah and Mom visited again last week to make the 'final decision'! (11/09)

November 2009

Dear Pat,
I wanted to write and let you know that your record still holds . . . Kent was accepted to Bard following his Immediate Decision Interview! Bard is the only college Kent applied to and he has all ready sent in his commitment form to attend in the fall. I was wondering if I could make reservations at the Red Hook Inn for the August move-in weekend and also Parents weekend. How about Graduation 2014? Kent and I both enjoyed our stay at the Inn and your gracious hospitality. I look forward to future visits. Thank you again, Jenifer (11/09)

November 2010

Dear Pat,
You were right! Joshua got into Bard! The Red Hook Inn was just the lucky charm we needed. See you the first week in August! Thank you so much ~Renna C (11/10)

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