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About the Innkeepers

The PLAIN and the FANCY of the owners... Pat and Bill (aka Nabil)

Patricia and Nabil are the ultimate hosts whether in their home, the Red Hook Country Inn or in their fabulous dining room. warmly known as 'The Chef's Table', where they serve only 2 tables giving them   full attention. Their motto is "strangers are only friends we have not yet met." Once you dine with them or enjoy their genuinely warm hospitality at the inn, you will sense that you are a friend, not just a guest. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of being a part of their lives, for a day, a week, or a lifetime.

Their lives include 6 adult children scattered around the world, ie, NJ and Ireland! Nabil has 7 grandchildren living in Dublin Ireland and locally, Pat and Nabil are 'foster grandparents' to 3 local cuties, and are affectionately known as "Nonnie & Grandpa" at the inn!

Chef Nabil Ayoub, a Coptic Egyptian by birth, graduated from the City and Guild of London Culinary Institute and studied in Greece, Ireland, France, England, and Jerusalem. He has been a U.S. citizen for 30+ years and has worked in the employ of many notables including Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Princess Margaret of Great Britain.

At his previous kitchens in New Jersey, Chef Nabil also worked under Rabbinical supervision for more than eight years. Nabil is a certified Kosher Chef and able to provide Kosher-style cuisine from his kitchen or may produce fine Kosher creations in your personal kitchen! His last restaurant before moving to Red Hook was called "Salt & Pepper" located in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Pat has had a myriad of professional experience, with nearly 20 years at Eastern Airlines NJ in sales and marketing, 10 years at the Borough of Carteret, NJ as a grant writer and Director of Community Development and 8 years between Montclair and Millburn NJ as a Director of Economic Development. As a barbershop harmony singer and private pilot for many years, Pat has traveled the world and enjoyed meeting so many people and feels that it is always fun to have guests at the inn.

Pat's dream as a young woman was to live and work in a 'country' setting and she has realized her dream with the beautiful RED HOOK COUNTRY INN! Born in Brooklyn NY on '42nd St.', Pat is enjoying her current stint on 'BROADWAY', in Red Hook!